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The “new” Nuke’s long stay in the purgatory of perma-bans is also well-documented: it feels like Vertigo could very well end up in a similar position, especially if you consider how it’s perhaps the first map in the competitive map pool to be this actively disliked by the players.

Also vertigo is just not a map that should be played competetive.

Nuke’s always been extremely unbalanced, Cobblestone was rotated out and maps like Assault never even got a chance on the big stage.

Even Overpass took a very long time to get right, and it’s the one where the verticality plays the smallest part overall: apart from B site itself, every other contact point is on the upper portion of the map, and unlike with Vertigo, eventual retakes can be approached from three to four different angles and heights on both bombsites. So far, it’s not looking good, but the developers are to be commended for the rigorous update schedule and the constant tweaks to its current, clearly sub-optimal state.

Vitality’s ap EX hammered the point home with an amusing tweet of his own: There’s a good argument to be made that most maps with vertical elements don’t lend themselves well to competitive play.His mother, Dominique Wiche, was a costume designer, translator and French teacher, and his father was actor Julien Schoenaerts.[on speaking three languages] It's part of our education [in Belgium]. When we see American films, for instance, we have subtitles.Talking about his career, he began modeling at the age of nineteen, signing with the Copenhagen-based Scoop modeling agency.He was then offered several contracts which include, Then, Lauridsen worked with several fashion brands such as Prada, Jil Sander, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Kenzo, Hermès, Fendi, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Emporio Armani, Coach, Cartier, H&M, Diesel, Massimo Dutti, Nina Ricci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Missoni, and Filippa K.

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