Marshall cabinet serial number dating

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Z was used for two years, allowing time to convert to the bar coding scheme started in October 1992.

Using the information in this section, you can attempt to dial in the possible dates of manufacture more closely than by sheer estimation alone.

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Regularly credited as the DNA behind rock and roll, we delve into what goes into some of our favourite riffs of all time, how they have evolved, and if there’s still a place for riffs in today’s tunes. While the age of an amp has no bearing on how good or bad it sounds, it can have an impact on the selling or purchase price of a Marshall rig.Marshall began using a nine-digit bar code label beginning in 1992. EXAMPLE: 950322589 95 = Year 03 = Month 22589 = 5 digit serial number This amp would have been made in March 1995. If the speakers are original knowing when they were made would mean that week was the very earliest possible time the cab could have been made.

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