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Admit to yourself you want a relationship if that's what you want, make the commitment to try to find one, and be proactive about meeting people.2. Of course when you’re meeting people you have to be a little picky.

But whether you’re deciding who to talk to at a bar or whose messages to respond to online, don’t pick people apart and discount them based on one feature you’re not that into —physical or otherwise. But you can’t stay in a relationship that isn’t right just because you don’t want to deal with a break up, are scared of being alone, or things feel comfortable.

Dave is certainly right--moving on is the only sane course of action. Woman wasted years of her life for ghost fiancé/ ghost boyfriend. They divorced & the father brought the kids to France.

I put up a lot of articles about jobs, entertainment (TV, movies, books), news, and my opinions on it. But after 10 years dating, he is still living with his mother and not willing to move out to live with me.

He bought a house in 2010 as I pushed him to find his own house, hoping he would move out of his parents' and start his own independent life, but he didn't.

Yes it’s easier to get home from work and just plop yourself on the couch in front of your favorite TV shows.

But just like you have to put effort into working out regularly if you want to stay in shape, you have to put effort into your relationship even when things are going well.— Amber Madison is a nationally noted relationship expert and practicing therapist who lives in Manhattan. "for which she interviewed over 1,000 guys and found the answer to this question is "no." Follow her on [email protected] get her latest advice.

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