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The Communications Commission of Kenya counted 16.2 million internet users and 4.3 million smartphone owners in the country by the end of 2013.

Similarly, an estimated 4 million Kenyans use Facebook, also mostly connecting through their phones.

“Online dating in Kenya is creepy,” 29-year-old Susan offered, “I only tried it for two weeks.

It serves a purpose if all you want to do is hook up [for sex] but not for anything else”.

Anthony agreed; “Online dating makes it easier to approach people, but you have to meet a genuine person.

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Whereas, in Kenya, dating was easy as men from within and without her friendship circle would constantly approach her and express interest, in Sweden, she found it impossible to breach the cultural divide.

To achieve these numbers, Facebook was forced to simplify its mobile version in order to cope with slow internet speeds, a problem that Tinder doesn’t face given the simplicity of the app.

most active African country on Tinder, both in raw numbers and by the percentage of its population that uses it.

Across the board, there was dissatisfaction with the calibre of people available for dating, but everyone believed firmly that it was everyone else’s fault.

“It’s so hard to meet guys in Kenya, especially when you’re established,” Susan elaborated.

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