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They are not known for being faithful toyou or to anyone else; also, they are not honest either.They believe that theworld revolves around them and that what they says, goes.The only thing you twowill have In common Is the sex.As far as trying to get an Aquarius man tosettle down, don't hold your breath.2 days later he wanted to getback with me, he said "there was no reason why I broke up with you," (I wasthinking THERES ALWAYS A REASON OF WHY YOU BREAK UP WITH SOMEONE), but I didn'twant to say anything that would lead Into a fight so I let him do all thetalking. about 6 months age wefinally decided to have sex... My point Is Leo woman and Aquarius man = not a good match.Leo women will get hurt, If not In the shortrun but In the long run then. I am a Leo woman married to aan Aquarius for about year and a half. about a year Into our relationship he broke up with mewithout any reason that I was aware of (communication! 6 months later he wasback at my door begging to take him back, promising to change...

but she still likes me and I still really like her.

We DID need to communicate more and share our thoughts andfeelings.

I feel that If we were to get back together again (which might happenbecause In 2 years, she might be moving to where I live now) we would probably(hopefully) be more open with each other because after we broke up, we toldeach other how we really felt about each other and how much we really likedeach other. She told me how there's no other guy likeme, and she challenged me to name another guy, and we were going through guyswe knew, and came across none.

After a few months In our new city, things started to go downhill.

All of a sudden, I felt things starting to get weird between me and my Aquarius boyfriend. Although we still hung out as much as we had before, he seemed disinterested In me when we were together, like he had better things he could have been doing.

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