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Nuwber is a people search service that quickly delivers accurate, reliable data on over 350 million people in our database.Every day we help more than 100 000 people to reconnect with friends, partners, lost relatives, and to verify neighbors, customers or social media connections.Health-care providers should remind their patients of the importance of being current with measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination; this is especially important before international travel.Measles should be considered in the differential diagnosis of febrile rash illness, especially in unvaccinated persons with recent international travel.Each of the Utah sequences was identical to one of two predominant sequence variants of genotype D4 that were circulating in Europe during 2011 (5,6).

Two unvaccinated siblings of the patient, for whom the parents declined postexposure vaccination, were home-quarantined and developed measles, with rash onsets June 1 and 2, respectively.The first outbreak, with seven confirmed cases, was associated with an unvaccinated U. resident who traveled internationally; the second, with six confirmed cases, had an undetermined source.The genotype D4 sequences obtained from these two outbreaks differed by a single nucleotide, suggesting two separate importations.Serum collected on April 5 was positive for measles (Ig M).On April 7, SLVHD announced that a measles case had been confirmed. On May 24, 2011, a Cache County resident notified the Bear River Health Department that her unvaccinated child aged 7 years had signs and symptoms compatible with measles, including generalized rash (onset May 23) and fever (101.5°F [38.6°C]) (Table, Figure).

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