Is ray j dating anyone

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In 2010, their divorce papers leaked, showing that Kim cited physical and emotional abuse.Ray J Kim and the former Nickelodeon star ​dat​e​d from September 2006 to January 2007, but split due to her infamous sex tape.he would kiss all around my lower regions and make my body quiver.It was with Ray that I discovered my ability to orgasm without penetration or copulation.”At the time of Houston’s divorce, Steffans tells The Daily Beast, “Bobby was crashing at my house, because he didn’t have a place to go.“When he was younger—13, 14, 15, 16—he was always with older women,” the source says.

Reggie Bush After her ​high-profile relationship with Reggie Bush, Kim dated another NFL star, but only for a few months.

“He was able to separate.”Their families had been close for some time.

Brandy, a breakout singing sensation of the 1990s (“I Wanna Be Down”), grew up worshiping Houston.

“He was just using her like many people did, to get a deal,” the source says.

In an exclusive statement to The Daily Beast, Ray J’s publicist Courtney Barnes says: “It was his show, and they shot footage of the two of them together that appeared in the sizzle reel, which was being used to pitch the show.”Those who know Ray J say he’s always been a hard worker when it comes to his career.

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