Is postdating a check illegal in colorado

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Landlords, credit card companies, and other billers may be willing to work with you to change a due date.

You can also use your bank’s online bill payment service to schedule payments in lieu of writing a check.

For example, paying for a service before it is completed, like a contractor working on your house. Postdated checks are not illegal, but writing a check you lack the funds to pay is.

In other words, if you have the intent of defrauding someone by intentionally writing a check, knowing you will not have the funds on the postdate, it’s illegal.

Banks will often try to collect this from the writer, if possible.

The problem is that, if you are postdating a check, you already don’t have the funds for the check, let alone the fees. The other major use of a postdated check is to pay for something in advance.

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“Check”, for the purposes of this section only, also includes a negotiable order of withdrawal and a share draft.The writer is waiting for money to be deposited or for another check to clear before the payee will be able to cash without overdrawing the writer’s account.If this happens, there’s usually a few fees that are levied, such as an insufficient funds or overdraft fee (and sometimes both), and on the payee’s end, there may be a bounced check fee.This, of course, requires that you have funds, and may only work if you were writing a postdated check for convenience.If a check is cashed prior to the postdate, and funds are not available, be prepared for a headache and additional fees.

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