Iron dating

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Secondly there is no rush, because cast iron is so durable there is no shortage of cast iron cookware out there. Great question, sizes on antique cast-iron were numbered instead of todays imperial or metric measurements.The old numbered system was used when the most common method of cooking was on a coal or wood range. It is hard to answer I like larger sizes, #10 and #11 are my favourites.During this time casting techniques and expertise were perfected.

Although from my life experience there are actually very few experts.

These sizes have lots of room so food is not cramped and also with a bigger size you can get away with just one pan.

However if you're new to cast iron cooking I'd go for a number #8.

On the eve of his last major battle in Seheron, Bull's unit suffered heavy losses when a friendly Seheron merchant was pressured into poisoning his men.

When the same poison was used to kill a school full of children, Hissrad vowed to avenge them.

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