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By contrast, the Nile River inundated its entire valley every year, bringing the rich black silt that made the valley one of the most fertile places on earth.(The inundations ceased with the completion of the Aswan High Dam in 1970.) Whenever a critical issue is being debated, the White House and Congressional offices are inundated with phone calls and e-mails, just as a town may be inundated with complaints when it starts charging a fee for garbage pickup.It is a world bestseller, trusted for its clear explanations and example sentences.Choose ‘ENGLISH’ from the search box options to look up words in this dictionary.I am willing to inundate you with glories and splendors and lightnings.A wave—it was like that—a wave of strong self-possession seemed to inundate him.

Prouided, that the ground neither be boggy, nor the inundation be past 24.

as many as 25 villages including Bhopalwala, Aadamkey, Lodhikey Cheema, Warsaalkey, Puraaney Key, Choohr Chak, Umer Key, Passiya, Veeram Key, Gadiyaala East, Gadiyaala West, Wassankey and Taajo Key Cheema, besides, several parts of Sialkot city including Model Town, Mag Town, Kashmir Road, Khadim Ali Road, Pakka Garha, Rangpura Road, College Road, Lorry Adda, Nasir Road, Water Works, Mubarakpura, Capital Road and adjoining areas.

various cities of Sindh by intentionally breaching the safety dykes along Sindh river, therefore strict action should be taken against all those landlords involved in heightening the difficulties of the poor masses.

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