Internet dating for older people

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“You are looking to be a couple.” A free site does not mean the dating prospects you find are any less promising.Still, most of them charge—and the costs can add up quickly.In some respects, Schwartz says, it’s like planning your next career move.“You can’t say, ‘I would like a job,’ and wait for someone to knock on your door and offer you one,” she notes.“Date multiple people so if one flakes or ghosts, you won’t be hurt,” she says.

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Meanwhile, Silver Singles says it is about people looking for a “serious relationship.”Prefer a service that welcomes daters of all ages?Monthly costs go down considerably if you sign up for six months or a year.You can go it alone online, have friends help you create profiles or you can hire a coach.The free site, Plenty of Fish, boasts “The Relationship Chemistry Predictor” with 73 personal statements you can agree or disagree with.EHarmony claims it is all about compatibility—and marriage.

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