How to deal with dating a married man dating romantic man

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Maybe you feel like he’s the only man for you because he told you that you’re the only woman he truly loves.

Maybe you can’t get rid of your hope and dream that he’ll leave his marriage for you.

He doesn’t respect you or his wife, and you no longer respect yourself.

This married man feels like to meet the most beautiful, perfect man for you.

I didn’t think anyone would read it because I thought it’d be easy to not cheat! Recently I’ve had some very honest conversations with my friends about dating married men, and I’ve realized that affairs are more common than I realize.

But no matter how common it is to fall in love with and date a married man, it is degrading, dishonest, and disappointing.

” “What if he really is on the road to end his marriage for me?

”But you know the truth: he won’t leave his wife for you.

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