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JCL is NOT responsible for initialisation, configuration or shutdown of the underlying logging library.In many cases logging libraries will automatically initialise/configure themselves when first used, and need no explicit shutdown process.The recommended approach is to define a custom read Object method on the class which reinitializes that member.In release 1.0.4, all standard Log implementations are Serializable.

log.fatal(Object message); log.fatal(Object message, Throwable t); log.error(Object message); log.error(Object message, Throwable t); log.warn(Object message); log.warn(Object message, Throwable t); log.info(Object message); log.info(Object message, Throwable t); log.debug(Object message); log.debug(Object message, Throwable t); log.trace(Object message); log.trace(Object message, Throwable t); Semantics for these methods are such that it is expected that the severity, from highest to lowest, of messages is ordered as above.For example: one can capture DEBUG (and higher) level information in a logfile, while limiting console output to INFO (and higher).Note that some components using JCL may either extend Log, or provide a component-specific Log Factory implementation.Log4J is a very commonly used logging implementation (as well as being the JCL primary default), so a few details are presented herein to get the developer/integrator going.Please see the Log4J Home for more details on Log4J and it's configuration.

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