Hong kong partnerships and contacts and dating

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It is just as important to be diplomatic in your choice of words, though.“Yes” may not necessarily mean “yes”, just “I hear you” or “I understand what you are saying”, and a refusal or disagreement is mostly not phrased as a blunt “no”.

Do not say “no” directly, but try to find a different phrasing.

Always remain calm, patient, and modest during negotiations.

If your Cantonese is not quite up to Hong Kong business culture, you may at least try a bit of small talk or a few polite phrases to show your effort.

Wearing a red tie, a red blouse, or another red piece of clothing might have a positive effect.

If you want to accessorize, a fancy watch or an elegant necklace also help you dress to impress.

In Hong Kong, businesspeople dress fairly conservatively, usually in black suits, shirts, and ties.

You should try to stick to your formal attire, even during business dinners.

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