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"Sepsis is actually very common, which many people may not know what the symptoms are, and it's something that needs to be treated very quickly.

I hope it opens up a lot of conversations and encourages people to talk and get help if they relate to Lily." Supervillain Mac Nightingale has finally got his comeuppance.

Let’s share and hope the power of twitter finds these men 💔 pic.twitter.com/va O11SBUZM Finally got to upload this video of our funny, charismatic, beautiful Grandson who brightens up our everyday 💙 ⁦@Stephdavis77⁩ ⁦@_Owen Warner⁩ ⁦@Roy Davis62⁩ #hidethefelttips 😂 pic.twitter.com/d Hh8LSRw Im Montana Brown, the girl who shites on about how people need to be kinder because of mental health as she was so badly affected my Mikes death.

Yet here she is being vile about Anton calling him ugly, practice what you preach girl.

After confronting Breda and telling her she needs to be stopped she ended up stabbing him in the stomach. Ever." One more added: "Tony is the longest serving member of Hollyoaks so Breda can't kill him. Speaking about his exit he told Metro: "Well, there he goes! We’ve done this kind of thing before – Breda is a serial killer and has killed off plenty of residents so the viewers are going to think I’m a goner! "In this game, you never know what’s going to happen. You have to live on the edge and you don’t ever take for granted that you will be there forever.

Now Hollyoaks bosses have confirmed he'll be returning after Diane reaches out to help to try and understand the mindset of a rapist - following Sinead's horrific ordeal.

After 24 years in Hollyoaks, being the longest serving resident, Tony Hutchinson has been murdered by Breda Mc Queen.

Fans were left furious, with one person tweeting: "Tony did not spend 25 years on the show to get killed off by an annoying old lady who thinks she knows someone after about 30 seconds". So you’re always thinking, this is the year they’ve had enough of me!

Another commented: "If Tony really is dead on Hollyoaks, I’ll never watch again! " However this is Hollyoaks and we've seen plenty of characters - including Mercedes Mc Queen and Warren Fox - return from the dead. A day doesn't go by without some sort of drama in Hollyoaks.

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