Handcrank singer sewing machine dating

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To make a lighter cast iron body for a sewing machine (or anything), the casting becomes more complicated in order to make it thinner but still strong, and you tend to have a few more defective castings (which are recycled).I could be wrong on this point; perhaps the 99 is equally heavy. I suppose my Singer of 35 years ago, would almost be considered vintage today. Like I said earlier, if this thing wasn't so heavy, I might be tempted to go back and do some bargaining is a good price for a Spartan 192K.I haven't had a chance to compare a 99 to a 192K side-by-side. CMC -- Edited on 7/1/10 PM -- Thanks for a wonderful write up CM. They are heavy, but they're great little machines (just a very basic version of the 99, hence the term Spartan).If it were me and I didn't have 2 99s already, I'd go back and get it. If the thing weren't so darn heavy, I might be tempted to go back and get it.Still, it worked when I brought it home, but I did clean it up and oiled it and adjusted the tension, and it was ready to go.

This particular stand has the Registered Design Mark for April 1879.I'm not up on the vintage machines, but follow along on this site, with those who are. You can download free PDFs of manuals for both the 99 and 192 through this Singer webpage.This little wonder was sitting "backwards" on the table and I went to pick it up to turn it around. I have one I bought for that's seen quite a bit of use in its life so far.The tension adjustment is by way of a screw on the face plate. It is worn in the usual places and the japanning is chipped in places. The balance wheel is nickel plated and the bobbin winder has a level feed device which we understand was only fitted to machines made at the Kilbowie factory.This machine slides into a paneled box case (see next but one) which has an accessory compartment fixed within the case. The decals are again of the scroll and rose pattern but the guard and crank have the Peacock Tail decal. When we first found this machine it had been butchered for the stand but it came complete with the top, drawer and paneled cover.

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