Girl wants to be friends before dating

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She has probably gone through your Facebook, Linked In and Instagram profiles.She wants to know as much information about you – where you’re from, what your job is, whether you have many friends, and what your personality seems like in general.

Show her that you’re serious about figuring out whether the two of you have a potential to be in a relationship.No modern woman wants to go on a date with a man she can’t take anywhere.If she’s embarrassed to take you to meet her friends or family down the road, you can make a sure bet the first will be the only date.More importantly, be careful about what you post on social media. If she isn’t feeling it, she’ll let you know either directly or through her body language alone. If it becomes apparent even early on in the date that there’s just no chemistry, no matter how well it looks on paper, have a sense of humor about it and just try to have fun.Most people, including your date, will judge you by the way you showcase yourself online. By the time she receives your message or call asking her out on a date, she has already asked this question – Relieve her agony by telling her what made you ask her out on a date in the first instance. You may even end up with a good friend out of the whole deal by the end of the night.

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