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If you find the site worthwhile you can always opt into the premium version at any later date.Some features you get with that include seeing who has visited your profile, favoriting profiles, see when your favorites are online, no limit on message sending, access to profile galleries, and even access to profile videos.It is what's behind that ugly look that makes this site magic.First of all, Silver Daddies is free to use and many will find the free version satisfactory to their needs.One unique thing I noticed is that the 44-year-old webmaster has a page explaining his relationship with his 73-year-old boyfriend.It is kind of touching in a no homo kind of way to read about their relationship and you rarely see the webmaster have their own public profile and story out there.While Silver Daddies promotes itself as primarily for the daddy and son type hookups it is also ideal for mature men looking for other mature men.

This very unique feature is handy and adds to the user-friendly experience of Silver Daddies.

After signing up you are made to feel welcome by a not too "molesty" message from the 44-year-old owner of the website thanking you for joining and reminding you that you should not send money to anyone on the site.

Evidently, some evil tight body young twinks have been using the site to scam horny grandpas for some time now.

When you get old and bored you tend to travel a lot.

So naturally, this website has a travel section where you can post when and where you might be between certain dates.

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