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I wanted to stop them but still seemed unable to move.

Meanwhile, Tom's hand had fallen from Annie's breast and was gently caressing her stomach.

They couldn't see me and probably thought I was asleep as there seemed to be no furtiveness or wary eye out for me.

As I watched motionless, Tom's hand slid up under Annie's loose top and she murmured her pleasure through a kiss.

Thinking she wanted it to stop I began to step forward to intervene.

At that moment, Annie's right thigh fell open and her kiss intensified. Tom began to massage her crotch with his keen fingers and I could see her hips moving slowly back and forth, humping his hand.

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As I passed the lounge room on the way to the bathroom, I could hear Annie and Tom still talking as they stood by the open front door.

My instinct was to break it up as tactfully as I could but I had frozen!

I don't know whether it was shock or excitement but, either way, I just froze.

Thinking she too must have dozed off on the lounge, (damn, no sex tonight), I went to cover her and turn off the music.

As I neared the dimly lit lounge-room I realised that Tom was still there.

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