Flinders petrie dating method

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What Petrie did was ” take pots, grouped, and ordered them in what he PERCIEVED to be in sequence by style; looking at decoration and form” (according to the lecture).

My questions may arise from my lack of thorough knowledge of Petrie method, but how did he decide which styles, trends, and form came from each period?

His only formal education was a University Extension Course in mathematics.

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Sir William Mathews Flinders Petrie was the man responsible for taking the first steps towards making archaeology the scientific discipline it is today.

Flinders Petrie came up with the sequence dating method which relatively dated material.

The lecture led me to discuss how Petrie came up with his method.

Archaeology in popular media is frequently portrayed as a treasure hunt.

Many popular characters perpetuate this image, perhaps most famously Indiana Jones, a professor of archaeology who travels the globe in search of precious artifacts, which he obtains by any means necessary, and at anyone’s expense, with little regard for context beyond the value of the object.

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