Erin andy dating

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Pete was a new employee hired at the start of Season 9.

He develops a friendly relationship with both Erin and Andy, though there are several hints that there's more between him and Erin than either would care to admit.

Nevertheless, Erin seems to want the relationship to work, going as far as to invite Michael to Gabe's place so they can get to know each other better.

Gabe grows increasingly paranoid around Andy, knowing that there are lingering feelings between him and Erin.

The two have a mutual attraction for each other, but think the other will make the first move which stifles their chemistry.

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She's an orphan and at one point thought that Phyllis(one of the sales staff) might be her biological mother.Erin is still dating Andy in Season 9, but she has begun to see some of Andy's less favourable traits.When Andy refuses to validate some adoption papers for a co-worker, Erin bursts into tears, remembering how hard her life was without parents.Once Andy comes back, Erin confides in Pete that she doesn't love him anymore.Pete tells Erin that she should do what makes her happy, to which Erin responds by kissing Pete. Pete and Erin's relationship parallels both Jim and Pam's relationship in the early series, as well as Tim and Dawn's in the British series.

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