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Those former latchkey kids, who grew up on Nirvana records and slasher movies, have tried to give their children the safe, secure childhood that they never had, said Neil Howe, an economist and the co-author of more than a dozen books about American generations.“You see the mommy blogs by Generation X-ers, and safety is a huge concern: the stainless-steel sippy cups that are BPA-free, the side-impact baby carriages, the home preparation of baby food,” said Mr.Howe, who runs Saeculum Research, a Virginia-based social trends consultancy.Hear the word “millennial,” and plenty of images spring to mind.There’s Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, in his hoodie, earning his first billion by the age of 23.

We want to make our own business because we see the lucky few who make it big.”Which leads to a final point worth mentioning about the Silent Generation. Howe pointed out, it was not just the most career-focused generation in history. Continue enjoying fashion and lifestyle coverage on the new Styles Facebook page.

They have “the weight of saving the world and fixing our past mistakes on their small shoulders,” according to an article on Fast Company’s Co.

Exist site by Jeremy Finch, an innovation consultant.

No wonder the race to define, and market to, this demographic juggernaut is on.

They are “the next big retail disrupter,” according to Women’s Wear Daily.

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