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To be fair, a number of the Duggar siblings have already shown that they might be ready to chart their own course: Jinger, Jill, and Jessa seem to be more than happy to ditch their long skirts for skinny jeans, and Jill also appears to have pierced her nose.

And given that Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, were married for a whole year before announcing that they were expecting their first child, it's possible she may have even been open to using birth control (a big Duggar no-no).

When the spinoff series began, it experienced ratings nearly as high as the original show.

Clearly we're fascinated with the lives, morals, and opinions of the Duggar family.

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Now that the older Duggar siblings are getting married and having children of their own, viewers are becoming very well acquainted with all the rules the Duggars are traditionally expected to follow.For one, well, they don't actually "date" at all: in 2014, Duggar parents Jim Bob and Michelle explained that courtship is their way of "dating with a purpose" (the purpose, of course, being figuring out whether your partner is the one you want to marry and have children with), and that it involves a lot of prayer and connection with God, according to involve — namely spending time alone unchaperoned, hugs that don't come from the side, and hand-holding, kissing, or any other other physical contact.Even texts and video chats need to be monitored by mom and dad.Josiah announced his engagement to 18-year-old Swanson on March 5, less than three months after the couple announced their courtship, according to .The two were naturally super excited to share the news, as well as his romantic proposal story (he popped the question in the "exact spot where her parents were engaged," which is pretty sweet), and in photos of the newly-engaged couple, they'd clearly moved into the "hand-holding" stage of their relationship.

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