Domino updating search site database

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The Selection criteria as shown in Figure F archives documents that have expired more than five days ago.Once archiving has been set up, it may be executed via the Actions menu.Recent archive activity information (date/time) is displayed in the Basics tab as well.The Setting tab, shown in Figure C, allows archiving to be turned on or off and archive criteria to be defined.Figure G shows the archive options available from the Actions menu with the mail database selected.The following options are available: Archiving is a useful feature.Also, it can be scheduled to begin at a particular time.

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I cannot find the exactly way to set updating view process starting time. thanks Usually there is a line: Server Tasks At1=Updall If the server starts this task an another time, then this must have been changed, or the timezone of your server is not correct.Figure A shows the selection of archive settings from the Tools menu. The typical setup (as displayed in Figure B) is workstation to workstation.That is, the user archives mail documents to a local archive database.i have a problem with the updating view process(that i can see in the notes log.nsf) because lotus notes server start to updating all view of all database during staff working time and i want that it start for example at pm of every day when all user are not working with notes, because Updating view 'aaa' process reduce a lot server performance and database works slowly).I cannot find the correct configuration tab in the domino administrator where set the starting time of this process.

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