Deal with intimidating

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Of course he laughed at me because he is better than me.

I have no idea how to just let stuff like that go in the moment.

It is often a defense mechanism which helps them avoid having to form closer relationships.

This way they feel safe from rejection and if people don’t warm to them they feel okay about it as they have controlled that situation by being intimidating.

Being intimidating means that they have chosen to keep others at bay and give off an impression of not caring about what others think.You need to restructure your frame of mind so that the factors that influence your dysphoria are now factors that lead to confidence. and even when you do notice or feel passionate about something. And think a lot of people hold those thoughts to themselves.How long do we as humans actually hold on to these emotions past a week? But memory and the constant stimulation life at the end day hold us all victim to the small circle around us.I was doing work training on a computer, basically doing unrelated stuff, but the guy just decided to passively shit on me since I was sitting next to them. I have to get over it obviously since nothing short of hitting people will solve this problem.I get so enraged that it becomes socially unacceptable.

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