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Cardano aims to differentiate itself from a platform like Steem – Steem is/was great at compensating for content, but economically there is little incentive to buy the tokens to drive demand.Hoskinson’s strategy to accomplish this with Cardano was to start federated; identify self-emerging community leaders and compensate them, and then continue to build a large, diverse community where no one has the keys to the kingdom.As the CEO of IOHK, Hoskinson admits that culture is the key to organizations.He’s tirelessly building a culture of accountability – he has 160 employees in 16 countries, so he understands the importance of trusting your colleagues as a transformational leader. Hoskinson does not admit to being a prophet regarding the smart contract wars, but he did relate smart contract platforms in today’s age to the operating system wars from the early days of the Internet.The DAO was treated the same way as every other smart contract.In poker, do we really care about putting every step of that game onto the chain?He thought the industry would have millions of people in the ecosystem with an amazing user experience with stable, regulated markets.He admits we’re getting there, but we’re not quite there yet.

Inventors of TCCIP had no idea about wifi or 4G or other layers we have today, but their protocol is the bedrock for these technologies because of the design.He also noted that the markets tend to reward projects on the week and month timeline, but Cardano has taken 3 years just to get comfortable with a base protocol. It’s not day by day – it’s do you have principles, vision, and a high level goal to move from high level to something to create real value for your token?If you have that, then the price works itself out.”Hoskinson remembers asking himself in 2013, when the price of Bitcoin was below 0, what k USD Bitcoin would look like, and the current landscape doesn’t meet that bar.Does proof of work actually make a blockchain secure?Is there a way to build Po S with the exact same outcome?

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