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So if you see something you like there, you should be able to find more pics of your favorite model right here!- Quite likely, one of the best sites i've ever seen.But when she told me that she was leaving in two weeks to move in with her boyfriend of two years, who lived 100 miles away, I saw our plan unravelling.We had agreed that we would see each other one last time, platonically, to have a proper, face to face goodbye, and leave nothing unsaid. I loved her, after all, and she knew it; she also loved me, although she wished she’d never told me and would never have told me again.I go back there in look in the door and my gf is getting plowed by her boss who is probably 50.I grabbed a vase by her door and smashed it over his head.

I had about 00 saved up before that and was almost at my goal of 000.

I dashed off a quick text to C: “Three years of lies.

Thanks.” I ended up feeling guilty that I lashed out.

A week later, I texted her to ask again for one hour; again she refused.

I asked why: she said, “Honestly, I’m just ready to move on. “Well,” she replied, “we broke up, so I won’t be texting you for awhile.” Four months later, still stinging from being completely shut out and the closure I wanted and needed, I sent a text to “K,” a friend of C’s who had become my “rebound” mistress for a couple of months after C left.

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