Dating zippo table lighters

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Second, slap a lifetime guarantee on it—not the customer’s lifetime, mind you, the lifetime of the product itself (aka forever).Finally, having ensured minimal repeat business, go ahead and launch your company in the middle of The Great Depression.There is one question that remains, however: Couldn’t any company make limited versions of their products, funky mistakes, and rarely seen oddities to gain a following of collectors?

dating zippo table lighters-45

dating zippo table lighters-45

There was the highly collectible Town & Country series produced between 19.

These high-ticket orders produced some of the most desirable lighters the company ever made.

While small-batch models have fostered a collectible environment, they aren’t the only thing Zippo hunters are on the prowl for. Well, every Zippo lighter has a date code, a system used internally for quality control, which allows collectors to see when a particular lighter was produced.

The company even takes one day out of the year to produce a few 18K gold versions, which are hand polished and cost over ,000 each.

Perfect for Bond villains and collectors with cash.

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