Dating wwii helmets

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The hardest of all camouflage helmets to find is the true Kriegsmarine camo helmet, so for helmet collectors of each type, these are very hard ones to find indeed.

This one is from an old collection that I was lucky enough to purchase.

Some examples will fetch many thousands of pounds depending on the condition, unit and scarcity of a particular helmet.

Mint condition, SS and Kriegsmarine are the most sort after original german helmets among many modern collectors.

The liner band is dated 1939 and the liner shows very light use. The interior crown of the helmet has a crisp 1939, black, oval, Beschaffungsamt, (Procurement Office), inkstamp.

The right side of the helmet has had the national tri-color decal very neatly removed as per 1940 regulations.

All three liner retaining rivets and both inserted ventilation bushings are all intact.

The item is complete with original M.35 type chin straps slightly shortened by the soldier at the time with its aluminium buckle and a reinforced M.31 early type liner.

There are remains of the soldier’s name neatly scratched into the underside of the peak.

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