Dating sleeping together too soon

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So, how many dates before you have sex with your new guy?

Most relationship gurus and matchmakers say that you shouldn’t have sex with a new guy until the two of you are in an exclusive relationship.

If he wants to be your boyfriend he will act like one.

He’ll take you out to dinner, take you to a comedy show or a picnic.

It’s totally possible to fall in love and start getting close to each other while also having sex but your new guy should be starting to treat you like a girlfriend.

Instead, she is focused on making sure strong women find the right partner that is worth their time.

You feel a really strong connection, but you don’t want to give it up too soon because you want him to respect you? I find my problem in my current relationship is that we are not having it enough, is that something you might talk about in the future? I’ve communicated it to my boyfriend but nothing has changed.

With that said, there’s one variable that would make having sex with someone wrong no matter how long you wait, and that’s exactly what we discuss in today’s video.

[DISCLAIMER: This is advice is for consenting adults only of course] I think people forget women are also sexual creatures and should feel empowered to make sexual decisions for themselves. In fact, take your shame and judgments you have of sexual women, crumple it up, and burn it because it serves no one.

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