Dating scranton pa

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People in northern Luzerne County sought a new county in 1839 but the Wilkes-Barre area resisted losing its assets.

Lackawanna County did not gain independent status until 1878.

The city's nickname "Electric City" began when electric lights were introduced in 1880 at the Dickson Manufacturing Company.

Six years later, the United States's first streetcars powered only by electricity began operating in the city.

Present-day Scranton and its surrounding area had been long inhabited by the native Lenape tribe, from whose language "Lackawanna" (or lac-a-wa-na, meaning "stream that forks"), is derived.

The law appeared to enable the creation of Lackawanna County, and there was considerable political agitation around the authorizing process.From 1860 to 1900, the city's population increased more than tenfold.Most new immigrants, such as the Irish, Italians, and south Germans and Polish, were Catholic, a contrast to the majority-Protestant early settlers of colonial descent.In 1856, they expanded the railroad eastward as the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad (DL&W), in order to tap into the New York City metropolitan market.This railroad, with its hub in Scranton, was Scranton's largest employer for almost one hundred years.

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