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First of all, unless you’ve interacted with Russian women in Russia (or in neighboring Russian-speaking countries such as Belarus or Ukraine), your experience with Russian women is rather limited and might be even biased.That’s applicable if you’ve met Americanized Russian women in big cities like New York or Chicago.I could literally be buying a cup of tea in a coffee shop and just But discussing only beauty would make for a pretty shallow article.Not only is beauty skin deep, it’s also very subjective; every nationality of women has its share of gorgeous women, always ensuring that a love tourist will be delighted regardless if he’s in Riga, Latvia or Cali, Colombia—or anywhere in between.Russian women are known the world over as some of the most sexiest, most feminine and most amazing women.

Since I hail from the mythical land behind The Iron Curtain, I get asked constantly about the women there.

A cute Russian girl definitely holds her own compared to pretty much any other nationality.

If you see a really cute Russian girl, you’d be really hard pressed to avoid moving into her direction and striking a conversation.

There are other nationalities that are blessed with more per-capita beauties such as Lithuania and Argentina.

But, as usual, statistics don’t tell the whole story.

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