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After five break-ups—including my marriage—in six years, it was time for a break from break-ups. I told him, casually, in our first conversation, 1. (You’re not being used for sex if this is a mutual agreement! Bonus, expanded social circle can lead to finding your ideal mate!

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In fact, had we properly labelled it, we might have had the chance to really become friends during those relationships. I categorize Flings to be exclusive with the potential to lead to a monogamous (or otherwise mutually agreed to) relationship, whereas Friends with Benefits is generally non-exclusive and often only leads to the bedroom, or kitchen or hallway or well, you get the idea—they have an expiration date. This includes being honest with ourselves about what our needs really are. And even though there might have been potential for a relationship, I needed ‘me’ time.I am already his soulmate and we are likely to get married. 😉 I felt it all and when he is angry with me or sad I break into many pieces.The online FWB dating world is gaining more and more popularity these days.You can find a lots of FWB dating sites and Friends With Benefits apps that suits your personal needs.

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