Dating khon kaen tidarat

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population were developed from a cross between the Sakon Nakhon variety and RD6 NIL.

Chemical management, such as the application of probenazole, has been widely used against rice blast by Japanese farmers.

The PCR component containing 25 ng of genomic DNA, 1 × PCR buffer, 1.8 m M Mg Cl, 0.2 m M d NTP, 0.2 µM forward and reverse primer, 0.05 unit Taq DNA polymerase.

DNA amplification was performed in a DNA Thermal Cycle for 5 min at 95 °C, followed by 35 cycles of 30 s at 95 °C, 30 s at 55 °C and 2 min at 72 °C, with a final extension of 7 min at 72 °C.

Suwannual et al., 2017; [28] proved successful in pyramiding blast resistance () into RD 6 with MAS.

Manivong et al., 2014; [29] employed MAS to improve submergence tolerance and blast resistance, while maintaining a strong fragrance in glutinous rice.

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