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The rise of serverless computing frameworks will also result in more Java applications being deployed on public and private cloud services, he said.

Duimovich noted that, from a practical perspective, a Java runtime is simply another type of container.

The policies for controlling HA singleton behavior are managed by a new "singleton" subsystem.

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Now that Kotlin can be used to build applications for devices running Android, this year will see much broader usage of Kotlin to build greenfield applications, Duimovich said.

The increased rate of Java innovation can be attributed to an Oracle decision made last fall to place Java Enterprise Edition under the auspices of the Eclipse Foundation, said Duimovich.

At the same time, IBM moved to open-source its implementation of a Java virtual machine.

Wild Fly 10 adds the ability to deploy a given application as a "singleton deployment".

This is a new implementation of a feature that existed in AS 6.0 and earlier.

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