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The Piedmont also offers colorful viewing this weekend.

Red and sugar maples are waving bright flags of orange, pink and red, while hickories have melted into clear golden yellows.

Photo by Ellen Powell - Sweetgum ( So, you’re interested in seeing some of the beauty that is Virginia during Fall Foliage season?

But you don’t want to fight the traffic that clogs some of the best-known places, such as Skyline Drive? The Virginia Department of Forestry VDOF) is proud to present its first ever VDOF-Recommended Fall Foliage Driving Tours.

The green color is no longer visible, and other pigments present (carotenoids) with the chlorophyll are then revealed.Educational Programs are offered about a variety of topics.Birds ● Fossils ● Reptiles and Amphibians ● Insects ● Invasive Species ● Mammals ● Trees● Park Histories ● Animal Tracks ● Wilderness Survival If don't see a specific topic please call or email us with your questions.When the glaciers receded north 10,000 years ago, water filled these new troughs, creating the 11 Finger Lakes.Since that time water has flowed down glacially steepened hillsides carrying debris that cut away at soft sedimentary rock to form our beautiful and unique gorges.

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