Dating directory 2016

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With the RTM release of Windows Server 2016, many will be thinking about and looking to introduce a Windows Server 2016 domain controller into their existing Active Directory environments.

Let’s take a look at how to prepare Active Directory Windows Server 2016 DC Adprep and what steps are involved to introduce the first Windows Server 2016 into an existing environment.

After installing, you will have a functional Windows Server 2016 domain controller, functioning at the lowest functional level required for your legacy DCs (lowest being Windows 2008 level).

This is mainly due to FRS being completely deprecated which is the replication service used to replicate SYSVOL contents.

I ran into this error on the next screen – “Could not retrieve domain controllers. As it turns out, the issue for me was that I was logged in as a local administrator and not a enterprise administrator from the domain.

I had quickly logged in after a reboot previous to launching the promotion wizard.

The DCPromo of a Windows Server 2016 server isn’t really DCpromo any longer as it wasn’t in 2012, but it seems like we all still affectionately call it that for a point of reference. You could create user accounts and gave them access to special files manually.If you were engaged with 12000 users and computers, what did you do?If you are interested in an in place upgrade of Windows Server 2016 R2, check our post here.In my lab setup, I have an existing Windows Server 2012 R2 domain controller running a domain called TESTLAB. This is a single forest, single domain environment for testing purposes.

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