Dating cry baby

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To cover up the murder, her mother drugged her so she would forget the gruesome memory.Favorite lyric: Cry Baby falls in love with a boy who always seems to be too distant from her.But, I think on a deeper level Melanie is just saying Cry Baby doesn’t care about consequences or what anybody else has to say about her anymore.If they’re getting on her nerves, she’ll just pacify them! Potato Head, a woman with a plastic face and lots of surgery.

Favorite lyric: “ Cry Baby took off her training wheels and even invited her crush to her birthday party!

Cry Baby is the character created by Melanie and the star of her debut album, but who is this water-eyed girl we’ve heard so much about?

Without any further ado, let us introduce you to Cry Baby!

was finally released on Friday, following an early stream of the album at Noisey.

The LP is filled with everything we loved from her previous releases, but paints a more vivid image of Melanie’s artistry than ever before! Potato Head,” and “Tag, You’re It” seems like an album of nursery rhymes, until you listen to each twisted tale and realize just how dark Cry Baby’s world actually is!

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