Dating and dumping guide

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It could be a married man or someone that was already in a relationship on a ‘hiatus.’ Or it could have been a more sinister reason.

To make myself feel better, I would always create potential scenarios as a defense mechanism: he was married, really gay, a criminal, seriously dysfunctional, addict, psychotic, bankrupt or bad in bed.

Being dumped can be painful and impact our self-esteem.

Sometimes rejection comes out of nowhere, and other times the writing was on the wall for a long time.

Even if our keen radar has missed the red flags, there be circumstances we know nothing about. If you get dumped online by someone you thought was your soul mate, remember you never met this person.

Who’s to say they really exist and if their story is real?

Combining the knowledge of a professional with the insight of someone who’s been there, this illustrated flip-through guide encourages you to address the questions and concerns of your current relationship and predict its future.

begins with questions such as: “When did his last relationship end? ” and follows up with more in-depth queries, ultimately leading the reader to an honest analysis and genuinely helpful advice for moving forward.

The relationship could have only lasted a few dates or it may have stretched years but how you handle the breakup is ultimate going to be a reflection of you and the lasting impression the other person has.Ghosting has nothing to do with Halloween or haunted houses.It’s the sudden ceasing of all communication when dating with no apparent reason. Surely, everyone has had a friend that out of the blue stops contacting you.This is usually a result of them being too afraid to tell you they don’t want to continue.It could take the form of avoidance because of fear to hurt feelings, to have difficult conversations and an uncomfortable confrontation.

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