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I'm always back at square one, and it feels like I'll end up waiting another three years for a second date. You're having a pretty typical experience in the dating world, unfortunately.I've gone back on a few other apps (Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel) but still no dates from there. How to have my success on Hinge carry over elsewhere? Admittedly, all of my past relationships have been platonic-turned-romantic, so even though it's been three years of dating apps, it all still feels very new to me. So many people tell me they can't get past a first outing when they meet someone on an app. In your case, it sounds like you could use a break from the cycle. It sucks that we’re living in a time and age where people put so much pressure on our relationship status.Especially come wedding season when we just want to hide from the aunties and their “so when is your turn?

When someone says it’s okay to be single sometimes we feel it’s out of sheer sympathy and not wanting to hurt your feelings, though there may be some truth to it, it really is okay to be single instead of settling for someone just for the sake of it and I’m gonna tell you why.Contrary to popular belief, there’s no expiration date on love.When you get in a relationship, you’re not just sharing pictures on social media together, you’re giving a part of you to the person.That is, I go on dates pretty frequently but can count on one hand the number of non-Hinge dates I've had in those three years.Typically, I go on a first date and either it's not a great fit or we hit it off and text for a few days before I stop receiving responses (can we call it "ghosting" after a single date? However, I went on my first date about a month and a half ago.

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