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Having never visited the country, Forlani originally copied Scotland from the very first printed map of Great Britain - and is still recognisable to today's landscape.

The National Library of Scotland has just one of three copies of his design, which joins the You are Here exhibition of the world's most significant maps.

“I read the play in one sitting and fell in love with it,” she said. In a way, it’s about hope.”Romance of a different sort abounds in “As You Like It,” which Monte characterized as one of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies. “It’s just a beautiful play.”In contrast to the frothy comedy of “As You Like It” is the tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet.” Monte pointed out that the Shakespeare Theatre has not staged the tale of the Montagues and the Capulets in a decade, and she felt the time was right to revisit it.

Monte is doubly excited because “Romeo and Juliet” will be directed by Ian Belknap, artistic director of The Acting Company, based in New York City.

Each summer, the Shakespeare Theatre stages a comedy at its Outdoor Stage in Convent Station.

One of the more popular productions was “The Complete Works of Wm.

This year’s celebration, “A Cavalier Ball,” includes a silent auction.

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“We’re doing stories that we know people love.”Monte stressed that not all will be sweetness and light, however."I hope visitors to the exhibition will be thrilled to see the marvellous maps on show but will also learn more about both the usefulness and the limitations of different types of maps." As well as historic maps, the exhibition features a number of more unusual maps including one charting the smells that waft over modern day Edinburgh.There is also a design of Scotland where place names have been replaced by phrases revealing the original meaning of these names and the first ever map to show population density across the UK.This will be the first in what Monte hopes will be several collaborations between the two theaters.For the holidays, the theater will offer the seasonal favorite, “A Christmas Carol.” In this adaptation, eight actors portray all the characters – including inanimate objects.

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