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Neither one of had said anything since we had first watched his bulge wiggle and we still weren’t talking to each other. My breasts were bouncing as Daddy fucked me and Daddy was watching them do that.

My breasts are pretty firm so they don’t bounce a lot even when I am being bounced but they do a little and they are cute when they do and Daddy liked watching them, I could tell. His eyes got watery and he was breathing through his mouth and he began to make these mumbling noises that sounded a little like words but I couldn’t understand them.

Hmmmm, Daddy seemed to be in some kind of a chatroom, I realized, when I looked over his shoulder at the screen. Daddy finished typing what he was saying and hit the enter key. “Bigdick: yeah, I have this same incest fantasy all the time. The cock pushed into the opening of my cunt and then Daddy just let me sink down on it. “Hmmm, Daddy, I want to see this,” I said, and I hopped onto his lap, folding my legs under me between Daddy’s legs and the arms of his chair. I could feel my left breast pressing Daddy’s face through the flannel top. My breasts were exposed, like totally, and they were peeking at Daddy with their hard pointy nipples and Daddy was peeking back at them. He gritted his teeth as he watched the bulge move this way and that way in the open fly of his jammies. He had wiggled it until he got the fly of his boxers lined up with the open jammy fly and then it just, bang, popped right out, like a jack in the box and I found myself staring at Daddy’s cock. I could see why Daddy called himself Bigdick in that chatroom. Suddenly his arms went around me and then my jammy bottoms were coming off and my panties with them. I felt the air on myself where my panties had been. It cost a lot of money, I know, because I was with my Mom when she bought it for him for Christmas last year. I leaned into him, looking over his shoulder at the screen. It seemed like the bulge was trying to escape from that open fly but the underpants were holding it back. Daddy was trying so hard with his wiggling the sweat began to run down his cheeks.It is driving me crazy.” I must have made a noise because Daddy suddenly turned around. His cock was too big for me, really, so it went in a little at a time, slow but steady because my cunt of course wasn’t strong enough to hold me up. It felt nice but I was more interested in the naughty words that kept popping up on the screen. I was very disappointed in him and very excited at the same time. Well, I decided to let Daddy know that I knew all about his naughty ways so I started to read Daughterfucker’s statement out loud for Daddy, who couldn’t see it of course because his face was buried in my flannel top. His face was still red but he looked more together, like he was starting to enjoy himself. “It’s hard enough looking at you but to have you sitting in my lap and teasing me when you are half undressed is UNFAIR.” I didn’t know what to say to that. Daddy pulled the jammy bottoms and my panties completely off and dropped them on the floor.

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