Consolidating files logic dating first cousins

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This is a trick which can save you a lot of time when working with a dataset spread across multiple CSV files.Using a simple CMD command it is possible to combine all the CSV’s into a single entity ready for all your pivot and table wizardry. Make sure that the folder is free from any CSV’s you do not want included in the compression.For example if your cmd window opens with “C:\Users\Your Name Top Tip – if you navigate to your desired folder in Windows Explorer (e.g.

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These include DEMO versions with the Data Selection set correctly for this task and you must enter the Address Book Number you want to research.

After you perform the consolidation, JD Edwards World recommends that you review the data.

When you are certain that the consolidation is error free, you must then rebuild workfiles, such as As Of files.

You must also recalculate Address Book statistics, such as Invoice Year to Date and Voucher Year to Date.

You can verify the financial account balances by running the Repost Account Ledger program (P099105) in proof mode.

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