Confused lesbian dating a man

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Sometimes there really are other factors preventing him from being with you despite the fact that he actually wants to; but most times if a man feels you are the one, he won’t be so confused and his actions won’t change so frequently.

He will do what needs to be done to form a relationship with you; and honestly if he’s that confused do you want a relationship with him anyway?

Before him I was with another guy for seven years who I lived with, before that a boy for one year and school boyfriends etc! I've kissed girls on nights out (non alcohol influenced) but as part of a game as a group etc.

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Which probably has some truth to it—which is why deconstructing what a lady means by her actions can sometimes be nearly impossible. If she acts weird and sends confusing signals, talk to her about it.

I'm concerned that it’s a sexuality issue rather than sexual desire as I masturbate quite frequently (and have done throughout both recent relationships) and my fantasies involve a mixture of men and women.

However, if I pleasure someone else in my fantasies it's always women - I don't find giving oral or hand jobs to men attractive at all.

If a girl is confusing you by telling you you’re great and likable but not really acting consistent about her feeling towards you, you probably either pissed her off or she might be trying to back out. And under pressure, because they may not have the correct relationship tools to resolve a conflict, they tell you want you want to hear to end the pressure (they’d probably describe it as “awkwardness”). If you’re reading mixed signals, be a man and keep it simple.

Read what I wrote about for some of the patterns that are portrayed here that guys do, that women do as well. Most mature ladies love a man who wants to communicate, and is bold and confident enough to open up the lines of communication.

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