Christian interracial dating advice

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I come from a family legacy riddled with divorce, so I’m not going to say Daddy D and I are immune from it.As a couple, we are the strongest that we’ve ever been. If the unfortunate d-word were to occur though, I can assure you it would not be because we are in an interracial marriage.

As a bicultural Latina with immigrant parents, language and culture are of importance in my marriage. And the biggest challenge of interracial marriage is always presumed to be on parenting our multiracial children.

Albeit passively, listening will help you weed out the toxic influences in your life (and there will be some) while catching bits of advice that warrant pause.

The world can be a crazy place; closing your ears to challenges you’ll face, even if hard to hear, isn’t advisable.

This blog is about building a family legacy of an interracial couple.

And while I know not everyone that lands here is tolerant of such decisions, I will never (ever) speak poorly of my family. But to flourish as an interracial couple, we act like everyone is watching and looking for our faults. A S, To my most beautiful babies given to me from the love of my interracial marriage, may you find the richness of companionship that your father and I have found in each other.

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