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Only here we are, among the most well-educated, most successful women in America, wondering how our valid choice to be in the right relationship, to be in love before motherhood, has left us often single and childless as we near the end of our fertility.

In the meantime, we are childfull; we choose to fill our lives with the children we love like our nieces and nephews and friends' children.

And once they are in the right relationship, they quickly move into motherhood, usurping the average mother's birthrate.

While, of course, there are women and men who do choose never to be parents, indeed a very valid choice, this group does not fully explain the declining American birth rate. The women of Generation X expected we'd have the social, economic and political equality our mothers did not have, but naturally, the husband and children then did.

For those in the Otherhood, those whose hearts break to be mothers, those who feel misunderstood and sidelined by those who assume their childlessness is due a lack of desire for children or a lack of maternal (and paternal) yearnings, there is a fallacy that must be overturned.

This is the truth about childlessness in America: most (not all) women -- and men -- desire to be parents.

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