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In some ways, the series is a kind of census or travelogue, capturing local conditions (the quality of light, the colour of wallpaper, the speed of internet connections) from Iraq to Russia and Switzerland.

When Hempton denotes Chatrandom as ‘wild’, she means in the sense of an untamed, uncharted terrain.

On Blurry People, though, you get not a few seconds but a few minutes of time from blurred image to completely un-blurred to decide whether you want to keep chatting with the other person or click 'next' and move on.

It's likely meant to fight back against the hordes of exhibitionists and male genitalia that have plagued the site. When Chatroulette went offline for a week last month, many expected a new version that would clean up the service.But the fall of Chatroulette may be a sign that the shine has worn off randomized video chat.That's a shame, since there is something to be said for the serendipitous discovery of content on the Web, like with the newly launched Google Instant, which shows search results as you type your query, or its impressive imitator You Tube Instant, which does something similar for You Tube videos.Internet anonymity, however, tends to bring out the worst in people, something Chatroulette unfortunately wasn't able to adequately prepare for.In a bid to maintain cultural relevance, Chatroulette has finally taken a shot at solving its biggest problem: too many pornographic users on the site.

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