Canadian national liquidating

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Elias National Park and British Columbian Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, Kluane features the highest mountain peaks in Canada, including Mount Logan, and the largest non-polar ice field in the world.

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A World Heritage Site due to its exposed mantle and crust as an example of plate tectonics, the park also includes Western Brook Pond, Lobster Cove, and Gros Morne mountain in the Long Range Mountains chain.

In 1922, Wood Buffalo National Park was the first to allow traditional indigenous activities to continue.

In 1972, Parks Canada defined National Park Reserves, lands administered by the agency intended to become National Parks pending settlement of indigenous land rights and agreements for continued traditional use of the lands.

Parks Canada reported attendance of 15,449,249 at all National Parks and Reserves in 2016–17, including over four million visits to the busiest park (Banff) and only two persons at the least-visited park (Tuktut Nogait).

Parks Canada additionally manages three National Marine Conservation Areas (NMCAs), a single NMCA Reserve, and the country's lone National Landmark.

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