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Old lady thinks I'm being too hard on him but he has to learn." said Jerry. She is just like her mother, pretty and built like a brick shithouse but has shit for brains. "About a week ago I thought I spotted him in Jenkins field, but he was too far away to be sure. You take care." Ted said as he started to drive away. He immediately noticed the porch furniture was out of place again. The first image was Jenny Lancaster and a tall boy walking onto his porch.

Oh, I shouldn't talk about her like that but she pisses me off sometimes." Jerry said "Well I hope things get better for all of you. But I will tell you what, when I bag him in a couple of weeks I will call you to come down and get a close up look at him." Jerry grinned. " said Ted The next Saturday Ted arrived at the cabin to once again find the furniture out of place. Curious he went straight to his cameras and removed the cards. The next image showed them and another young man, shorter and stockier than the first.

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Ted put the furniture back where it should be and went inside.

Once he was settled in, he decided to hike into the woods and check the trail cams he had place there.

Her dad was right; she was built like a brick shithouse. Then the tall guy sat on the bench while Jenny sat on his cock.

I have already got a place above my fireplace just waiting on him." Ted laughed. He positioned them on trees in his front yard point toward his porch. As Ted began clicking through the images he saw both boys place his chair cushions on the bench and Jenny began removing her clothes.

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He was hoping to catch a glimpse of the ten-point buck that some of the neighbors down the road claim to have seen.

Ted changed out the memory cards in all of his trail cams and made his way back to the cabin.

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