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More than almost anybody else, I’ve been able to let him see the depths of my heart.He knows my struggles and my wants in my walk with Christ.Consider these three areas of proximity: Are you both pursuing Jesus as your ultimate prize? Ask open ended questions and leave room for lengthy answers. Work, hobbies, and general busyness will rob you of precious quality time. Thoughtful, sincere touching will build a sweet sense of security and closeness.Are you working out the meaning of the gospel daily, or does your ‘relationship’ with Jesus start and end with Sunday morning church? Intimacy starts long before the bedroom by building closeness through purposeful proximity.When you know that you’re going to marry someone prayer is a very real way to strengthen your relationship and build it’s foundation on God.

More “free-form” prayer is a very vulnerable experience and we let God into the depths of our heart.• Spend sometime in the adoration chapel – it’s a great way to have prayer time together while being able to focus on Christ, and not each other.• Praying the Rosary, Liturgy of the Hours, and/or Chaplet of Divine Mercy – these are great ways to pray as a group and these prayers bring us more into prayer as a community.It’s helpful to remember that you belong to each other, so give of yourselves freely through proximity.Being in a relationship with someone has many aspects to it, some that we don’t always think about daily.

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